Re: virus: Andro-homo-gynes

Rhonda Chapman (
Tue, 4 May 1999 13:28:37 -0700

Wade wrote:

>It may very well be a fad, in as much as it is a non-requirement of
>reproduction and a by-product of pleasure, (I'd be willing to say, right
>now, that that is what lesbianism is...), albeit a historically
>continuing one, or at best and foot-first a function of sexuality in
>general, but it does more seem to be cultural than biologic. So far....

I am inclined to disagree with the notion that it is more "cultural than biologic". I really don't believe that the majority of my gay friends made a choice (I have less certainty in regard to the lesbians I know). The fact is, in spite of *increasing* social acceptance, homosexuality still remains far from general acceptance. I know one man who is a minister of a VERY anti-gay, Christian church. He is one of the most tortured individuals I have ever encountered. Somehow, I just have trouble believing that ALL of these people are seeking harassment and/or persecution.