Re: virus: Andro-homo-gynes

Richard Aynesworthy (
Tue, 4 May 1999 09:12:59 -0400 (EDT)

...this whole discussion about the genetic basis for homosexuality and sexual preference in general has me a bit worried. Granted that genetics establish the default conditions for the corpus, associating complex sociological/transpersonal phenomena with simple allele conditions is like trying to use calculus to explain how a tree grows - mendelian genetics (and derived advances) are illustrative, not descriptive: they form an analogy to the workings of the process and demonstrate a simplified set of relations.

...besides, you people keep missing the whole point: homosexuality can be fun. Sometimes, people do things just because they like it.


>>I still think it's absurd to say
>>that by wiping out homophobia, you're effectively wiping out

> homosexuality. >That makes it seem like a "fad" or something,
> which it is not.
> Well, I did not, and will never, understand the maths there, but,
> so far, the supposed genetic basis to homosexuality remains
> unfound, the first hints at it (hailed loudly by the gay
> alliances) disproved, and the maths used in Gatherer's example
> showed a decrease when the taboo was lifted, yes, but not an
> eradication.
> It may very well be a fad, in as much as it is a non-requirement of
> reproduction and a by-product of pleasure, (I'd be willing to say,
> right now, that that is what lesbianism is...), albeit a
> historically continuing one, or at best and foot-first a function
> of sexuality in general, but it does more seem to be cultural than
> biologic. So far....
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