Re: virus: Andro-homo-gynes

Wade T.Smith (
Tue, 4 May 1999 01:30:14 -0400

>It's great that you're not fundamentally confused about what you are.
>Unfortunately, many people are.

Well, my confusion in other areas aside, seems to me that a basic urge like sex, would force this knowledge, unless someone were totally non-communicative with themself. And, yes, this may be the state of the world. Alas.

I view myself as 'male' because I am attracted to 'female', not because I identify with any set of 'maleness' qualities, whatever they are at any time and place. Androgynosity is a sham, an insult, to these attractions, and not appreciated. Yin just don't _fit_ to yin. But while the not-understood is not a threat to me (as a good skeptic), it is to many, and this may be a core of the resentment.

And the whole Gaia thing- all this androgyneity, _if_ it leads to reduced population growth, would lend some credence to this theory, assuming less people is what this tired old planet really needs. Then again, Malthus is right all the time, so far.... Gaia has always seemed to me to be a sort of PC Malthus....