Re: virus: Androgynetics

Wade T.Smith (
Mon, 3 May 1999 07:40:24 -0400

>You're wrong when you say androgynes have
>nothing to seek.

Yeah, I might just be. Can't understand that, you see. If they deny sex/gender, then what _are_ they seeking in the reproductive sense?

And my dictionary don't have 'androgyne' in it. 'Gender-ignoring' decision-making (in an administrative or managerial sense) is one thing. But 'gender-free' decision-making seems pointless and impossible to me, and a utopian vision at best.

>You make me want to beat my head in with some stale
>knockwurst, Wade.

It's okay, they all want to do that sooner or later....

But I'm ready to give up offering you any. I'm too sufficiently decayed. And I prefer rhubarb.