RE: virus: Looking for blame in all the wrong places

Brett Robertson (
Sun, 2 May 1999 21:47:26 -0500 (EST)

On "tragedy" and "greatness". Tragedy is a type of irony. Irony is a paradox. Paradox is illogical. Tragedy is thus the logical consequence of "wrong" thinking (or the illogical consequence of power).

Power is hope which is self-instigated. It is based on pride (ego, or false-self, hopes to be supported and uses force to circularly establish, or confirm, the power that it has hoped for itself). Pride MAY BE solely self-confirmed (that is, it may NOT be based on truth). Power which is based on pride (which is NOT based on truth) is ultimately tied to a false-self... one which is maintained through paradoxical thinking.

Greatness which follows from pride and power (which I call "glory") is self-affirmation which is simultaneously self-negating (glory finally affirms the non-paradoxical self through negation of power... that is, through the negation of "hope", in the negative sense of the word-- as the hope so negated might be *hope* which goes against truth for what is fantasized, and so when negated suggests truth at the cost of fantasy).

Greatness which follows logic (rather than circular self-justification), which is confirmed by truth (rather than pride), and which doesn't allow for the self-negation inherent in power (as power must eventually turn against ITSELF to finally support the necessary foundation for the
"hope" it suggests in a positive sense-- as power might THUS suggest
what cant be *hoped* to happen based on what is truly known)... such greatness is not a tragedy*.

*though tragedy which supports a person's life-work (often in the negative) through the destruction of that person is also a form of greatness (as in saviorhood and martyrdom).

Brett Lane Robertson
Indiana, USA
MindRecreation Metaphysical Assn.
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