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Good point and good morning! Are you dressed or still lying in bed naked and thinking dirty thoughts?!?

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>That has always boggled my mind too. I think it's important to frame it
>was. Always say "drug prohibition."
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>I do realize that a large section of the American public is rather ignorant
>of history. What I don't understand is how so few seem able to remember
>outcome of the prohibition on alcohol. It was relatively recent. It was
>decidedly ineffective. It resulted in excesses of both crime and violence.
>There is absolutely no logical basis for the concept that prohibitions on
>drugs, modes of behavior, Internet communications, or guns is any more
>likely to be effective. Perhaps what we need is a "test" or "psych
>evaluation", for level of education and intelligence, to be administered to
>all potential Senators and Congressmen. After all, it has not been so many
>years since a member of these esteemed bodies said, "If English was good
>enough for Jesus Christ, then English is good enough for me". Need I say