Re: virus: alienated youth

Fri, 30 Apr 1999 11:28:07 -0700

Casey Maniscalco wrote:

> KMO,
> which Ministry song are you speaking of???

"So what?"

> I'm also a fan of that
> wonderfully anarchistic band. :)
> Aside from that, I have to comment that the youth of today (I'm 29) is no
> different than that of my generation.

Ah. Not such a young angry young man, after all.

> While we continue to hear of white
> kids shooting each other, it was just a few years ago that we (the viewing
> audience) were inundated with newsclips of black kids killing each other
> with drive-by gang shootings in ghettos around the country.

It's telling that when black kids with guns are in the news we hear lots of talk about "super-predators," judicial certification of minors (so they can be tried as adults), three-strikes and you're out, and other tough talk. When middle class white kids go on a shooting spree, we get lots of hand-wringing about the dangers of moral relativism and calls to curtail access to the Internet, computer games, and rap music.