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Well, Good ol' President Bush was in our fair town today as part of the SMU
Tate Lecture series. My son Chris, who attends WT White High School here
was one of 15 students that were handpicked to attend this question and answer event at Mcfarlin Auditorium. As the only freshman out of mostly seniors that were picked, he was also the youngest to attend. So here is
what Dear ol' Dad practiced his son to ask:

"Mr President, in the past certain citizens believed the common good overroad a bad law, with such examples of criminal disobedience that includes Rosa Parks, the members of the Underground Railroad, and the citizens who participated in the Boston Tea Party. Mr President, in light
of this part of our history, some ill people seem to get relief from using
cannabis. Sir, do you think sick and dying citizens should be put in prison for smoking cannabis?"

Well I'll be damned, he got a chance to ask the question.

Bush's first response (to general laughter to the room of mostly college and senior high schoolers) was "I have no idea what you
are talking about (referring to the word cannabis). When someone told him,
he responded the second way:

Mr Bush's eyes "kinda glazed over and he seemed to go into some mechanical
mode, saying that everyone should obey the law, and if Rosa Parks chose to
smoke marijuana for her pain, she should have gone to jail, yes". This was
his second response.

That was the last question allowed (like this one, my son reported that Bush refused to answer any questions, acting generally bored to be there and not wanting to chance a comment would be picked up by the ever present press corps that may ruin his son's chances of
doing whatever he is going to do).

Question to the group: was there something in the White House water during
the Reagan years that is causing this phenomenon?

You can send him letters of encouragement at

Chris said he was very nervous, especially when people laughed (he thought
it was directed at him instead of the tottering old guy at the podium). His teacher and assistant principle <sp> thought he had a great question and was very encouraging to him. His general opinion of his encounter was
that this man did not give one f**k about any of the young people in the room, but hey, this is no surprise. His policy on Drugs pretty much summed
that attitude up anyway.
Rick D. Day

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