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Subject: Troublemakers Prayer
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                     TroubleMakers Prayer
                     (A Prayer for Activists)

Holy Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, God, I behold the divine in each and every one of us.

Let each of us for a moment, reflect on Whoever or whatever lifts us up to our higher selves.

Let’s each of us connect with what burns in our hearts, Keeps us going in this work

I give thanks for this full heart and honor the spirit that moves in me,
and the parents mentors friends who nurture this in me.

I step back in wonder at the varied sources of courage and commitment for each of us.

When I am tired, or scared, or confused Help me not to shirk trouble.

Let us remember that trouble doesn’t only come in the confrontation with
a target: It comes in the meeting where we disagree. Can I open my heart back up to hear you?

It comes when one of us feels unwelcome or made invisible Because of race, gender, sexuality, creed. Am I silent? or do I find the courage to speak, to act?

Give me courage to keep trying,
even when I am embarrassed by my fumbles and mistakes in trying to work across difference.
Help me to stay in the trouble.

I give thanks for my anger.
My anger at injustice is a gift from you; My anger that forces me to see,
My anger that forces me to act.

Help me to keep that anger rooted in a respect for all beings, In an intolerance of an injury to one,
My commitment to the least of my brothers and sisters.

Let me be mindful and respectful of anger — for it can also consume and destroy

I need more than anger to stay in trouble I need love and joy and hope, lest this anger overcome me, immobilize me, harden my heart.

Thank you for the love I give and receive every day in this work... I draw so much strength from the amazing beautiful people working together, “being there” for each other.

Help me each day to treat myself and everyone I encounter with a loving kindness,
An awareness of a spark that burns in each of us.

Thank you for the joy this work brings me. Help me each day to actively seek this joy that sustains me; The joy of good work,
of making a difference, making a better, more just world; of investing in relationships with one another, of having fun together, of being on this journey together.

Blessings for all of us Justice Seekers!

Blessings for all of us Troublemakers!

Amen and Amen

Shared by
Barbara & Bob Ingalls
"It reminded me of us then, and it reminds me of us now. We have been fighting a very long hard battle and are tired and sad. We are, however, doing the right thing. Take a second Wednesday, in honor of Workers Memorial Day, and love a fighter. Even if it's yourself."

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Kay Lee