Real fast Hermit Reply :-) RE: virus: Moral Relativism (warning: Hermit-length post)

TheHermit (
Wed, 28 Apr 1999 04:46:03 -0500

Sock it to em Sugah!!!

/me wonders if he starts a movement to get the RR to move to Littleton
(judging from all the crap coming out of there these days everyone in Littleton is a christian religious fundamentalist homophobe with a thing about atheists so they should feel right at home) if anybody will lend us a nuke....

Here is a great kewlness found on the MSN site... Shoot Hooligans, Not Hoops - Stop school violence: Arm school kids.


P.S. Before typoing rightfully angry screeching letters back at me and sucking bandwidth, please realise that this is a very sick joke in shitty taste but I am tired (as we all prolly are) of the ongoing ranting about Littleton, guns, immorality, the need for absolute morals, prayer in schools or any other favourite political platform. I am also tired of the orgasmic soak in tragedy, and ridiculous paranoia over clothing. A couple of sick fucks off'ed a bunch of people who had treated them like shit. So what. More kids died on American roads that day - and most every other day - than in classrooms and nobody squeals... He He. I was doing some digging and found some interesting statistics. 18% of fatal accidents have alcohol involved. 22% have drivers over the age of 55 involved. The number of people killed by elderly drivers and the number of people involved in homicides in the US are about the same. No, no conclusions. I am not that daft :-)

P.P.S. Has anyone noticed how it was "atheists" who believed in "satan" who did the shooting. Hardly an atheist idea at all. And Hitler was a good Roman Catholic. And a lot of the previous shooters have been baptists/other pentacostal types. Seems that quite a lot of people are rather confused. A bunch of xians are calling for more prayer.... Prolly will lead to more shooting the way I read it... or why the US constitutionalists said that religion was a no no. They came from a Europe that had been torn apart by centuries of religious love... and wanted something better than that.

P.P.P.S. Just for Zloduska - I read fast too...