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Of course you are right that it is a Canadian address.

/me pulls the beam out of his own eye but pleads that it arrived at my server from - which is US based... and the only way to see her real address in the Outlook 2000 Beta after a name is in the address book is to open the header. Oh well... another reason to hope that the new Outlook arrives real soon now...

BTW the reason I spotted it right off was that I know there are about PI x 10^7 seconds in a year, and 3.2 is close enough to PI as makes no difference - which meant that Kim was talking about 10^7 deaths a year which made no sense at all...

Or why good engineering is about what people do on the back of envelopes. Then I checked my instincts with a calculator and a little research. What Kim should have done in the first place before quoting such iffy numbers.


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> >9,855,000 deaths from gunshot wounds every year. No wonder you put an
> >exclamation point behind that. Where are all these people
> coming from? Where
> >are they all being buried? Given the annual US birth rate of
> only 3,891,494
> >( ) and the total US
> >population of 270,290,000, according to your figures, in 20
> to 40 years, the
> >US will have no population left...
> >
> >On the other hand, your death figure seems in conflict with
> the governmnet
> >census reflecting a total of only 2,314,690 deaths per year
> - from all
> >causes. I assume from your email address that you are an
> American. For you
> >to provide figures like this where even a glance at them
> shows they are
> >completely spurious is a very sad inditement of US
> education, and completely
> >invalidates any claim you may have made to an ability to
> check research
> >figures or to work with trends or statistics.
> hey hermit, just as you love to prove her wrong, ive come to prove you
> wrong... the .ca at the end of her email means CAnada hehe :-)
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