Re: virus: Re: virus-digest V3 #109

Zloduska (
Mon, 26 Apr 1999 10:30:49 -0500

Aron Schuler wrote:

>hi wade it's me the jewish poser wannabe goth.
>I am a big moron and deserve to die.
>so kill me now i'm a loser. i'm going to visite
>my cousine in the summer and go to a party with
>her. so wants me to have sex with her and I want
>to. but any way I'm going to go now ok
>you loser prep/wigger!!!!

Dear child-

The Church of Virus IS a mailing list. There are a number of things it is not, however. It is not a chat room. It is not a futuristic robot that unsubscribes you when you post "TAKE ME OFF THIS LIST!!" to everyone. It is not a bulletin board for the socially inept and illiterate. It is not controlled by Squid, although we do have His/Her endorsement. It is not prudent to make us suffer through endless lines of quoted garbage, just to tack on one small remark at the top, or to obscure your message in a jungle of other text, making it harder to find than an honest politician; unfortunately some people still have not learned this. And most importantly, it is NOT your local Junior High School.

Wade is not your peer; he is a middle-aged gentlemen at Harvard. I know he is not going to reply to your drivel because he is smarter than you. In fact, we are all smarter than you are. So is a can opener. I speak on behalf of CoV when I say this: We would all appreciate it if you would have your mother make you a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and continue playing those violent video games of yours in the living room.


This has been a public service announcement from yours truly. ~kjs