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Holy shit! Kim there are:
365 days in a year
24 hours in a day
8760 hours/year
60 minutes in an hour
525,600 minutes in a year
60 seconds in a minute
31,536,000 seconds in a year
At a death from a gunshot wound every 3.2 seconds
in the United States (31,536,000/3.2) there would be...
9,855,000 deaths from gunshot wounds every year. No wonder you put an exclamation point behind that. Where are all these people coming from? Where are they all being buried? Given the annual US birth rate of only 3,891,494 ( ) and the total US population of 270,290,000, according to your figures, in 20 to 40 years, the US will have no population left...

On the other hand, your death figure seems in conflict with the governmnet census reflecting a total of only 2,314,690 deaths per year - from all causes. I assume from your email address that you are an American. For you to provide figures like this where even a glance at them shows they are completely spurious is a very sad inditement of US education, and completely invalidates any claim you may have made to an ability to check research figures or to work with trends or statistics.

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>A life is lost ot a gunshot wound
> every 3.2 seconds in the US!