virus: The Information Empire

Richard Brodie (
Sun, 25 Apr 1999 06:12:03 -0700

A good education prepares us to live our lives in the service of the information empire. A really well-educated swain will have so little access to his feelings that he doesn't even realize he is in the depths of empty despair as he lives his successful life, carrying information from the glowing oracles to receptive minds. At the end, he may have a beautiful eulogy spoken over him in which the information about the highlights of his life is related to those who knew him. Sometimes it will even be published in the newspaper. A really great man will have biographies written about him and assigned as reading to educate generations to come.

We don't have to wonder if the future depicted in The Matrix -- humans living in cubicles, being farmed by machines who use their brains to power them -- will ever come about. It is here already.

Richard Brodie
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