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>Subject: virus: Mailing list of interest
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>evolphil [For People Over 17]
>This is a discussion group for those laypersons interested in the
>philosophy of science, more particularly, evolution science. Those
>degrees in this specific area would love to have casual debates and
>conversations with scholars who have formal theories on paleontology,
>population dynamics, human evolution, demographics, biology, history
>science and so forth. This is where one can discuss without the
>of pulling out complicated references. Intelligent but casual
theorizing is
>encouraged. Please come and talk.
>Richard Brodie
>Author, "Virus of the Mind: The New Science of the Meme"
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I have to say is that we did not, at all, come from Adam & Eve like the bible says. We would all be inbred mental cases with lots of family...but I believe the current theory of the evolution of man,how we evolved like everything eles in the world from that little puddle of goo.

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