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Wade T.Smith (
Thu, 22 Apr 1999 12:54:10 -0400

>because he was caught with a _box-cutter_, which is considered a weapon.

Was he standing at the shipping dock at the time? Was he cutting a box? IMHO, there ain't no other reason to have one of those things at any other time or place. That is a single-edge razor blade. Weapons are weapons when the opportunity to use them as such is offered and/or prepared for. Carrying such a 'tool' outside of its arena of utility is intent, as far as I'm concerned. Subway slashings are occuring daily here in the Boston area with just such weaponry.

And mothers and stepmothers will scream and carry on that their babies are 'good boys' who wouldn't hurt a soul....

Ask him why the hell he was carrying that thing. He will lie to you. You will believe him. You will blame the school administration for judging him prematurely. You already have from the way you mentioned this incident.

In Cambridge here, any student found with any weapon is expelled. No repeal. No comment.

Ten days is cake. Eat it.

Wade T. Smith
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