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> At 09:06 AM 4/21/99 -0400, Wade T.Smith wrote:
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> >"This is a cultural virus. We have to ask ourselves what kind of children
> >we are raising."
> That's almost certainly true, I doubt each school yard killer came
> up with the idea independently of the others.
> My local paper had a front page article that blamed gothic culture
> in general, and ultimately Dungeons and Dragons. Now there's a
> stupid meme that just won't die.
All the schoolyard Rambos so far have been white males attending suburban or rural schools, and all have been outcast, persecuted and picked upon, for being bright, nonathletic or otherwise different. In the past, jocks and bullies could get away with this kind of behavior, but with the internet providing access to knowledge of how to build weapons and opportunities to illicitly purchase them, and with violent media, from movies to television to gaming, not only inuring and desensitizing youth to the horror of violence, but also training them in paramilitary assault strategies, this is no longer possible, nor can the information access rabbit be stuffed back into the hat. Unlike Japan, the US is a relatively extroverted and individualistic society. Whereas in Japan the teased, harassed and bedeviled outcasts and pariahs commit suicide, here they cold-bloodedly plan and commit mass homicide upon their tormenters. To minimize the continued burgeoning of this trend, a policy must be set that harassment of any student by any other must be reported, and a "zero tolerance" policy must be implemented to deal with such harassment.
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