Re: virus: newsweek: the face of evil

Mon, 19 Apr 1999 13:45:34 -0700

joe dees wrote:

> The Republicans depended upon the fundie xtian right to control the votes of the yokels by binding their either/or divine/demonic dogma to the repub/demo dichotomy with the GOP on God's side in return for never-to-be-fulfilled puritanical doggie biscuit promises on social (read personal freedom) issues such as abortion, homosexuality, gambling, prayer and creationism in schools, prostitution, euthanasia and drug use (and had they succeeded, we would be a nation of fascist clones, with everything either mandated or forbidden) while they sold their soul for campaign funds to corporations and pacs, but that foul meme monster cannot be safely employed, for it forever lusts to rule; it has ended up devouring that which strove to be its master, and regardless of the spin money spent to conceal this revelation, the voters know it (and disapprove).

WORD and the heartiest of "me too"s.

I know of a few potential voters (a set with fluctuating degrees of overlap with the set of actual voters) who still buy into the GOP/fundie mind game, but they're not long for this world. This world isn't long for this world. ;)