Re: virus: Propaganda and Travel

the great tinkerer (
Fri, 16 Apr 1999 16:47:06 -0400

>bombing more civilians... *twitch twitch* my what
>nice thoughts.
>I personally think we should have never really stuck
>our noses into it in the first place. Not this far
>anyways. We ought to pick and choose our battles more
>carefully... Things much worse than the Kosovo crises
>have surely occured, and we have stood by, doing
>nothing. Ahh the wonderful US

i was being sarcastic first of all...
and second: it is more than our place to step in. as one of the FEW countries in the entire world with political stability, we need to insure the safety of people who arent privilaged enough to live in one of these FEW countries.
wouldnt it really suck if there was a mass deportation of all CoV list members... wouldnt you want someone to stop it? ~the great tinkerer