virus: bigger..

radek (
Fri, 16 Apr 1999 21:52:22 +0200

Did anyone in this group discuss the possibility that religion and enlightment
and other vauge things like that are manifestations of the will of an entity
trying to focus itselfe into existance?
Imagine yourselfe as part of a mega-organism spanning something like all (or
more likely most) of humanity, propably most life on earth..... This idea struck me when i realized that because of the bigger density of human
life new forms of communication are emerging which are faster and more basic
than normal human communication forms.... In the 'old days' (of which i have not
been part :) people had more time to think things over for them selfes and then
tried to explain these thoughts in a complicated manner to other people... At
present time people tend not to develop whole ideas but start to depend more and
more on other peoples ideas .. Of course this was happening all over history but
now it is perfectly normal for people to take ideas, twist them a bit to suit
their own taste and spread it to other people .... it's like a information vein
is brought into existance... only whose vein is it?....