Re: virus: Propaganda and Travel

Tim Rhodes (
Fri, 16 Apr 1999 02:13:59 -0700

Fianna wrote:

>bombing more civilians... *twitch twitch* my what
>nice thoughts.
>I personally think we should have never really stuck
>our noses into it in the first place. Not this far
>anyways. We ought to pick and choose our battles more
>carefully... Things much worse than the Kosovo crises
>have surely occured, and we have stood by, doing
>nothing. Ahh the wonderful US

If you'd like to have enough facts at your disposal to make an intellegent informed descision about US policy you might start by checking on some of the following:

Amnesty International

Radio B92, Belgrade, Serbia
(The only free radio source in Serbia--closed by the govt on 4/2/99)

Kosova Home Page *
*You might notice the last date this page was updated--March 24th the same day we started bombing.

Human Rights Watch

Kosova Crisis Center

Sometimes there just aren't any easy answers in real life, kiddo.

-Prof. Tim