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>Joe, A fifteen to eighteen year old boy in good physical shape is at the
>peak of physical ability. But you will never see one in a iron man
>competition or a Eco challenge. But if we could drop our conciseness in that
>boy for the race we would win the competition. Some day the regeneration of
>our body may be possible. I know the regeneration of a superior thought
>processes is.
>Your argument for the grasping basic laws if they can be classified
as such
>is off by years. We are talking about seven to nine or ten year olds
>I agree that one level is built upon another that the eighteen year
old had
>to learn to walk and run and skip. But he will reach an apex and someday
>will learn of pain and the discomfort of growing old. If he remains active
>he will lead a enhanced life. Conciseness is no different. It will degrade
>if not nurtured the same as the body.
You mean "consciousness", right? The mental develops on its own timetable,
just like the physical, and the mental matures chronologically, within individual variances. Of course consciousness degrades with age, like the body; this is known as Alzheimer's Disease, senility or geriatric dementia. My point, and this discussion, is about the other end of life - the beginning. Maturity - and mature abilities - take time to manifest, and must do so sequentially. The facts are that your mature consciousness could not be dropped in the immature body of a six year old and win any marathon; likewise, an average immature six year old consciousness could not be expected to grasp formal abstraction even if it were given Jesse Ventura's 21 year old body. Did you consult even one of the texts I cited?
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