Re: virus: levels only two

Dave Pape (
Tue, 13 Apr 1999 09:50:16 +0100

At 20:50 11/04/99 -0700, KMO wrote:
>Tim Rhodes wrote:
>> You really seem to be investing a lot in refuting this idea, KMO--that the
>> state you're chasing so hard after may have once been something that came
>> effortlessly to you. Tell me, are you getting a good return on that
>> investment?
>Well, I was procrastinating that day, and the strip that I was supposed to be
>drawing on Friday is still only half done, so I guess I got a pretty good
>return on my procrastination efforts.
>> What's it protecting you from anyway?


>By phrasing the question in such a way as to paint my efforts here as a
>compensatory effort for some insecurity or phobia, you're hoping to achieve

He's trying to increase his status within the clan relative to yours. The cheeky chimp.