RE: virus: yet another "perspective" regarding Yugoslavia

Sodom (
Mon, 12 Apr 1999 09:04:05 -0400

>Tinkerer Wrote:
> i love how people attack the presidents moral values as
> having any bearing
> on the actions of our country. last time i heard we had 3 branches of
> government and a system of checks and balances preventing
> absolute power...
> perhaps we should crumble the idea of a single president and
> split his 5
> constitutional roles to five different people, but i suppose
> an orgy with
> the interns is a little inapropriate...

This part always makes me laugh too. It's funny how people like to go after a President's moral character, no matter who that Prez is. First off, lets be honest here: It takes a special kind of person to go through polotics at that level. Not just any Joe can handle it. No matter how I may dislike a President, I have always thought a few things about the Presidency: Every President has had the best interests of the United States first in his mind and actions - even if we disagree on what the "best interests" are. Every President has lied to the people or Congress, probably several times on several issues, this does not make the person "bad". Many Presidents have been womanizers - this is not bad either, and from a historical/biological standpoint is makes a population think their leader is powerful, virile and savvy. I do understand that a President should have more zipper control, but I can live with it just fine. (I would feel the same if there were a woman in that position). I wish people would stop blaming "The Jews" or "The Republicans" or whoever on national policy issues and realize that in this and most cases, the President is doing what he perceives as in our best interests and the people support him. If you dont like it, you need to blame the whole country because it is not just one group who wants the US to lead the way, it is a vast majority of Americans that want this - me being one of them.

Bill Roh