Re: virus: levels only two

Tim Rhodes (
Sat, 10 Apr 1999 13:01:51 -0700

KMO wrote:

>Do you think that more than one in a million seven-year-olds have a Life's
>Purpose as described in the above excerpt.

Yes. Look at a part of the excerpt you sited:

>In the lives of many people it is possible to find a unifying purpose that
>justifies the things they do day in, day out--a goal that like a magnetic
>field attracts their psychic energy, a goal upon which all lesser goals
>depend. This goal will define the challenges that a person needs to
>face in order to transform his or her life into a flow activity. Without
>a purpose, even the best-ordered consciousness lacks meaning.

Now, can you show me the 999,999 out of every million seven year-olds that you are claiming are in a state of existental crisis because their lives lack meaning? How long has it been since you played with a kid, anyway?

You really seem to be investing a lot in refuting this idea, KMO--that the state you're chasing so hard after may have once been something that came effortlessly to you. Tell me, are you getting a good return on that investment? What's it protecting you from anyway?

-Prof. Tim