Re: virus: levels only two

Fri, 09 Apr 1999 11:02:20 -0700

Jim wrote:

> Richard
> To me, and I do not intend this to sound ill tempered. The definition sounds
> myopic and reminiscent of some of the self actualization ideas put forth by
> I believe Erikson.

Categorize and dismiss. That reminds me of something I encountered and rejected in the past, so I can dismiss this as well.

> I do believe that many children do meet your definition
> though. For example the child that believes in Santa even after their circle
> of friends no longer does.

It seems a pretty big stretch to fit the skin of belief in Santa Claus around the skeleton of Life's Purpose.

> Why would they [be] other than your stated definition?

What's the most charitable and workable answer to that question that your own imagination and cognitive resources can supply, Jim?