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From: Brett
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Jim wrote:

> A few months back I expressed my views on the level debate. It was and
> is my assertion that as children we are at level three ( If three levels
> exist)and it is the process of aging that regresses us. Richard admitted
> that he saw my point. I believe that was how he put it. Be that as it may,
> have considered this line of thought further and believe I was wrong.
> Possibly if any levels can exist their are only two. I did a two and half
> hour interview the other day for a news paper. The main topic will be the
> web site. The editor and I discussed this idea of levels and how what I
> present allows people to access the thought processes that they used as
> children. And the value of such research and entertainment. The fellow took
> allot of notes and I saw his eyes well up a couple of times as I ran my
> psychological dog and pony show past him. ( This is the typical response
> when I discuss this with people especially when they have children) I do
> this intentionally to elicit the response. It is the response of sorrow of
> having lost what is most precious and the possibility that what was lost
> be easily found.
> Best Wishes
> Jim
Level 1 is like a child. Level 2 is like an adolescent which has given up his childhood (perhaps a mating response where men and women are vilified [used for personal satisfaction without providing personal, monogamous, security] and so the memory of the childhood parents are negated): In this way, everything is without a central resolution (since the central sum would be represented by a continuous self... one related to the childhood existence-- which is made dualistic in the level 2). Level 3, then, CAN be the maintenance of a level 2 dichotomy which deliberately negates the logic of children so as to "switch memesets" with the intent of having control, or power (there is a re-integration of the level one and a simultaneous negation of it as it is denied and projected upon others). On the other hand, the level 3 can be a re-enstatement of the level 1 mindset (in a way that the dual confusion of self-negation is maintained-- as an inoculation against the level 2, and also as protection from the first level 3- type mindset I mentioned above, perhaps).