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Thu, 8 Apr 1999 17:34:46 -0500

If it was the broadcast on CSPAN it was an excellent translation. I watched it with a bunch of east block Russian, Georgian, Tartar and Estonian friends and everyone agreed it was a very good translation (read accurate) of very crude propaganda. Even the old Russian and South African state run TV services were better.

Listen carefully to the Serbs talking about the Albanians. I cannot but help thinking of the South African National Party making pronouncements on the ANC. It is not just "racial cleansing", apartheid is also alive and well and living in Yugoslavia.


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> >Well, I was fortunate enough last night to see an hour or so
> of Serbian
> >Television - a news broadcast. It was quite sad. I had
> im gonna assume this was translated, or do you speak serbian?
> you cant
> trust what the american media tranmslates from serbian media
> now can you...
> you gotta try to get your propaganda straight. (although i wouldnt be
> surprised if that were an exact translation....)
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