Re: virus: Critical Mass of Enlightenment

Tim Rhodes (
Wed, 7 Apr 1999 17:04:22 -0700

Eric Boyd wrote:

>Is the core idea still sound? The mechanism for the emergence of
>"buddhatomic Christs" (great term!) is missing, but, *given* that
>emergence (via vectors like Virus?), can those buddhatomic Christs
>pull the mass of humanity up from the depths?

Yes, they can and do.

>If so, is the age so ushered in utopian?

Only to the extent that this age we live in now might be seen as "utopian" to someone from the 1700s. The "enlightened" that that new utopian age will demand in order to move _their_ society to the next stage will make the present set of "diamonds" look like badly cut cubic-zarconium. Just as it should be.

-Prof. Tim