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the great tinkerer (
Wed, 07 Apr 1999 17:43:03 -0400

>>love, trust, and even *faith* (phaith?) are completely disconnected
>>from spirituality and religion (it might not be the other way around,
>Well.... hmm... this might be quibbling, but I can't let it pass. I
>agree that faith has nothing to do with true religion, but it's worth
>pointing out that here in the west, we have a fake religion which
>depends (as do all fake religions) on faith.

thats why i have "it might not be the other way around" in parentheses. by spirituality and religion i mean exactly what they mean... the other around is spiritual people and [certain] religions have a strong affinity with love trust and faith. [certain] religions even exploit love and faith (evangelical christianity for one)... ok i wont get deeper into this... ill pray for you.......... (to understand it) ;-)

>And phaith has everything do to with religion (religion=the search for
>your authentic self, amoung other things)

well im not completely sure on when "phaith" is used instead of "faith." although i do understand the disitinction. so i went with what i know: "faith," and put phaith in parentheses.

~the great tinkerer

~the great tinkerer