Re: virus: quick note

the great tinkerer (
Wed, 07 Apr 1999 14:31:04 -0400

>This is addressed to all atheists who set eyes here.

> In a way, youíre right.
> Itís easier to prove NOTHING,
> To believe NOTHING,
> To trust NOTHING
> And in a way, youíll never be disappointed.
> But as you think about NOTHING
> Write about NOTHING,
> And do NOTHING,
> Iím doing something for Someone.
were not nihilists mind you. perhaps youve noticed the phaith/faith distinctions weve made? the lack of faith does not lead to apathy... i have perfect faith in your understanding of that. love, trust, and even *faith* (phaith?) are completely disconnected from spirituality and religion (it might not be the other way around, however) peace ~the great tinkerer