Re: virus: another viewpoint...

Tue, 06 Apr 1999 11:42:08 -0700

Sodom wrote:

> When I read this, i too thought it reeked of propaganda, though I dont
> question the authenticity of the person writing the letter, I am sorry that
> they are so sheltered from the reality of the situation.

Funny to think that someone who is actually present where the bombs are falling is the one who is "sheltered from the reality of the situation."

> As I read it, I was
> amazed at both the false information this person believes to be true, the
> incredible "pity me" attitude for acts that occured generations before this
> person was born, and her misunderstanding of the current rights (or last 10
> years) that the Kosovars have.

Amazed but not surprised I hope. UTism is the glue that holds human super-organisms together, and there ain't no UT glue quite like Balkan UT glue. It has racial, religious, and historical components that synergize like a mofo.

> I sometimes think that our news is slanted,
> but this person is under the misguided notion that news sources like CNN are
> interested in anything other than ratings and money.

Well, the big news organizations that hang on the government and the military like piglets on momma piggy's teats depend on receiving memetic handouts from these organizations every day. The airwaves demand a continuous supply of new material, and the government and military provide plenty of it. CNN execs know that it is in their financial interests to maintain a cordial relationship with the US government and the military, so while Andrijana may not understand the motivations of CNN and its ilk, she might not be that far from the facts on the functional relationship of government and media even in a "market driven" media like we have here in the "free world."

> Goes to show the power of Phaith. This time the phaith is grounded in
> "nationalism".

There may be an element of phaith at work here, but many of the propositions that Andrijana holds and asserts to be true are falsifiable (and you even claim that they are false) and so are better described as "faith" than "phaith."

> Too bad - If the US ever starts a policy of Ethnic Cleansing,
> I hope the rest of the world would not stand still.

The US is already Ethnically/Ecconomically cleansed. The few African Americans who can afford to buy their way off the reservation can take their place in livable neighborhoods, but the rest are concentrated behind bars or in the least desirable areas of any US city. US Ethnic Cleansing is a fait accompli, and as Robert Grudin put it, "A fait accompli causes less furor than an anticipated or revealed intention. Russia rolled tanks into Prague in 1968, _then_ debated the moral significance of this action with the rest of the world."