Re: virus: Matrix...and teletubbies

Zloduska (
Mon, 05 Apr 1999 22:08:01 -0500

Jim wrote:

>I do not believe that Tellytubbies are a fad they are to well grounded
>psychologically. They appeal to their target age demographic and just
>because they are new does not necessarily make them a fad. They are truly a
>infant virus. It is great marketing. And since they can be accessed at that
>early age they will be good little consumers the rest of their lives. They
>may be horrid but they are also beautiful if looked at under just the right

Oh, wait. I called the Beanie Babies(tm) "horrid", but the Tellytubbies are just plain creepy. When I said "fad", I meant more in the sense that it's one of the 'latest crazes'.that I don't understand. HTH.

Tim wrote:

>>Perhaps it's because I have just seen yet another reference
>>to Squid on Tim's comic site.
>That was )1991, BTW.

Yes, I figured it was about that old. It was being oddly clairvoyant yet again that freaked me out.

having a Raymond Chandler Evening all over again, ~kjs