Re: virus: E4C

Snow Leopard (
Mon, 05 Apr 1999 11:47:45 PDT

>Score a point for "reading ability" to the 15 year-old over the college
>educated atheists on this one (very small) point.

Thank you, very much.

>Snow Leopard, what do _you_ think Jesus preached? And what does it
mean to
>you to live a "Christ-like" life?

It's very hard to say, and don't think that it's written in stone. I feel that a Christ-like life in to do maximum benefit/minimum pain to everyone, in the grand scheme of things. If it takes me a few seconds to go out of my way that will save you more time and trouble, I'll do it. It sounds "cute" in this visible sense, but if I can spend a few hours to teach each of you something about phaith or yourselves, I'll do it, even as my grades are suffering.

Take a look at the traditional view of Christ. He didn't bend over backwards for us, he died for us. If my death would save a life, I'd do it, unless living would save more.

I try to keep as many God-given rules, and as many fair rules given by righteous authority as well. It's hard to say. Doing what my conscience says is right.
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