Re: virus: The Matrix [spoilers]

Mon, 05 Apr 1999 02:31:06 -0700

Zloduska wrote:

> Uh, could you fill the rest of us (perhaps only myself) in on this?

The protagonist in The Matrix is offered two pills. If he takes the blue pill, then he'll wake up in his bed and be able to believe the deception that we take to be reality. If he takes the red pill, then he will see the unpleasant truth about world. He takes the red pill.

> Being
> as out of touch with pop culture as I am, I'm the last to know these
> things.

Out of touch with pop culture? Snob! Snob! (But you make good cookies, Cookie.)


> (Not trying to sound like a snob here, I just mean that I didn't
> know what a Teletubbie(?) was or who Kenneth Starr is until only recently,
> yet I know when the Jacobites are touring 27 months ahead of time.) I
> probably won't see the Matrix until it comes out on video.

This one might just be worth your time, although you'll miss a lot of the references and homages in the film if you're as out of touch as you claim.