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Sun, 4 Apr 1999 12:16:37 -0600

From: Richard Brodie <> Sent: Wednesday, March 31, 1999 11:32 AM

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> You really seem to have something to say. I wish I had the patience to
> through your long posts to find it.

I think it is unfortunate that all but a few of the Virus list subscribers will skip the "God Module" message due to its length. It took awhile to read it, but I found it was well worth the effort.

Briefly, it is a sweeping overview of recent findings in neuroscience and their implications on religious (noetic) experience. Researchers have found a correlation between aberrant activity in the temporal lobe of the brain (a type of epilepsy) and the experience of revelation (deep cosmic significance and/or talking to God). One scientist has even been able to induce these experiences in healthy adults with specialized lab apparatus(!). Though this doesn't prove that all such experiences are caused in a similar manner, it certainly leads one to suspect that it is possible (even likely).

The latter half of TheHermit's article talks about the politics surrounding neuroscience research, intelligence testing, Nietzschean philosophy, and ties it all in to a dire prediction about the 21st century (morality without God).

Like KMO, I don't agree with everything said. But if more people read it, I think we can look forward to some good discussions.