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>>>equally true for consciousness and matter -- she talks about
>>>"the physical self" as if that would remain once all memes
>>>had been discounted.
>>So are you subscribing to the view that the physical world is as illusory
>>as the mental world because we only ever perceive it via our mental
>>faculties? I think I once had a figure-of-8 thought in which I reasoned
>>that the cognitive world is a kind of software running on physical
>>hardware, but that in a way the cognitive world simultaneouslly /underlies/
>>the physical world because to cognate (cognise?) is the only way for
>>anything to feel the physical world. I guess the buddhist perspective is
>>something like melting that figure-of-8?
>Probably. It's the distinctions that are illusory.
>There is neither mind nor matter, but there is
>something -- the illusion is to see that
>something as divided into mind and matter. (Even
>if you say one is real and the other unreal, as
>materialists usually do, and SB seems to.)
>Ultimately, all is one.

You know what? I think you could be right. I read a book called "Evolving the Mind" which might've been by cairns-smith, the precursor-to-DNA guy, and he pointed out that people who think dumb matter can't give rise to mind may have a half-arsed conception of what matter is.

>>>On the other hand, of course, if she had
>>>gotten all that right, there would have been nothing left for
>>>me to do! :-)
>>Don't you do... psychology research or something? Or are you talking in
>>terms of a kind of personal journey?
>I'm working on a modern metaphysics, based on information,
>and encompassing "the physical world", consciousness, and
>memes (among other stuff). If you're interested, take a
>look at -- but bear in
>mind I don't really view it as ready for general publication
>yet. I haven't submitted it to any search engines, nor have
>I mentioned it on any newsgroup or mailing list until now.
>Virions get privileged access! :-)

Wahey! I'll hit the web- cheers!