virus: Thanks every one here is the trick

Jim (
Tue, 30 Mar 1999 16:24:49 -0600

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you that have answered my questions and provided information when I requested it. It was a couple of months back I believe when " Cookie " accused me of being cryptic and implied I was being as my musician friends often say a jagoff. Yea I know it has a real fifth grade sound but I seem to bring that out in people. Be that as it may I would like to say that was never my intention. If any of you have a interest please look at my web sites book revues. These are all books that I would recommend if you want to learn to control the public and what information people remember. The reviews will be updated next Wednesday when the site will be listed with the search engines.

The Hermit was accommodating enough to supply me with a table that let me see how few a number of combinations were possible. And in return I will explain how this information will be used.

I will cut the number of possible outcomes by limiting choice of numbers.This is done simply by verbal control a number between one and ten and they will. ex #2. name a three digit number that all the digits are different. And we have eliminated the zero out come. After the presentation is over I will mention that it could have been any number between 100 and 1000 that is what will be remembered. (Often the most amazing parts of my act happen after the fact). I will then remove the prediction that was written earlier and prove that it is possible to control the thoughts of others. The prediction will come from a file that is hidden from view. And will in most cases be placed into a envelope that has been sealed and in view the entire time. I have my own slant on the mind reading deal I never claim to predict the future instead I create it through psychological control. I then offer examples.This will be one of them. You see even if some one does the retrograde math analysis. It will not explain the correct sealed prediction. It will prove my claim even if they realize the limited number of possible outcomes but to the average person it appears a miracle.

This presentation will not stand alone but when placed with other presentational proof will create a stepping stone on the garden path that I construct. And the audience is more than willing to walk the path with me because they want to believe if only for a wile. It is a deviation from reality.

Thanks again
and thank you for your time