Re: virus: Genocidal?.....Moi?

Tim Rhodes (
Tue, 30 Mar 1999 10:10:39 -0800

Er,... just out of curiousity, what were you replying to here? Should I know, or was it something said off-list?

-Prof. Tim
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From: Sebastian Kinsey <> To: <> Date: Tuesday, March 30, 1999 6:22 AM
Subject: virus: Genocidal?.....Moi?

> Zloduska...if you are opposed to Genocide and at the same time
>attempt to label me as some sort of Hitler chap while accusing me of
>ignorance regarding the home land of your love-interest; please look off
>to the left and right of India for a legacy of India's genocidal past -
>they are commonly known as Pakistan and Bangladesh... But of course you
>must already know everything about that...considering how wonderfully
>educated you are becoming up there in Wisconsin.
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