Re: virus: Albanians and Zloduska's Rage

Zloduska (
Tue, 30 Mar 1999 11:30:09 -0600

SK wrote:
(now that I've actually read it)

> Actually, i think an intensive carpet bombing might be a solution.
>Starting in Albania then running straight across, through Greece, then
>Turkey, Iraq, Iran, up a little bit so as to get Afghanistan
>would be Pakistan and then...of course the Indian subcontinent. Imagine
>how many potential genocidal situations would be thwarted!

Finally you show your true colors.

>- are so literal in your interpretations of what people
>write (not to mention handles)that i can easily understand how you
>become sufficiently enraged to spew your 'gothic-rebel-secret
>feminist-hoping-to-be-misunderstood-thinker' hate mail...

Does reality go through a filter on your side of the globe? My reply to your email, offlist, *trying* be discreet should not be considered "hate mail".

> But how can you go off the deep end like...all your nasty insults, the
>cursing etc? Seems kind of like misdirected energy to me.
> When i said 'Z and i have some sort of love hate thing going...' I
>never imagined you or anyone could have interpreted it as you did. I
>wrote that with a fond memory of your fierceness and
>was something i had admired, regardless if you understood what i had
>actually said so long ago. But after this pitiful display
of resurgent
>immaturity, i realize that i had horribly overestimated you.

EH?! Fine. Folks, if Sebastian insists on resolving this out in the open, I might as well give you a sequence of events here:

  1. That whole nasty, irritating argument several months ago.
  2. Recently, SK posts:
    >by the way...someone please answer this; _zloduska preferably_
    >since we have a strange love hate thing going:
    >is emminant hatred the result of plaguing Virus with
    >occasional jokes and other garbage? the purity of
    >material has always amazed me...or am i just a savage?
  3. The post goes unanswered for a few weeks, but then I reply to his private email account, with an apology for my tardiness in responding, and then disclosing some personal information, and recounting the main reason why we ever argued in the first place. Not to mention that I specifically pointed out that I did NOT want to engage in anymore trivial battles on or off the list, and I hoped we could get along. To the tune of:

>Sorry for the late, late reply. I wasn't ignoring you; I haven't had time
to answer until >just now.

>I really don't want to argue with you. I'm over "it" and no longer pissed
off. I'm not your >friend, or enemy. I'd prefer we just got along. I don't have the time or inclination to get >upset over the trivial debates on a mailing list. I'm only answering you so as not to >appear rude. That said...

>I'm not sure how to answer your question. I don't feel 'hatred' toward
anyone on the >list. Also, what displeasure I do have are not the result of your 'humorous' stuff >posted to CoV. I don't expect to enjoy what I read on the list, in fact most of the stuff >bores me to tears because it is so text book-like and self-indulgent, however it is the >fantastic friendships that I have forged with the way-cool inhabitants of Church of
>Virus over the past year that keeps me here to stay.


>To put this simply and briefly, it's your original post which inflamed me,
that was the >result of my anger towards you. Now, I HATE dredging up the past, but I think you're >unclear as to what exactly happened. As concisely as possible:

<followed down by yet another breakdown of how I saw things>

4) Expecting a reply the next day to the effect, "Oh, I understand now," instead I am greeted by senseless accusations and personal insults that are entirely out of context and irrelevant. Hoping to draw me into public battle once again, after I sincerely attempt to settle matters for good, and _repeatedly_ state I want to "make up" and not engage in *this* on list, you go ahead on do it anyway.

And you have the audacity to tell me , "But after this pitiful display of resurgent immaturity, i realize that i had horribly overestimated you."?! Rather, I should be speaking those words to you. I cannot tell you how much my opinion is now lowered after witnessing this immature, irrational, and nasty behavior of yours. You're not even worthy of Squid after this display of arrogance.

>You are
>very literate, but i get the sense that you respond only to listen to
>your own voice.

And that is the reason why you're foaming at the mouth and looking like an utter fool in front of all of CoV- you chose to send an uncalled for personal attack to a public forum, when I tried to finally settle matters through private email. And yet *I* am the one who likes an audience? Does anyone know the Latin term for "you are a damn hypocrite, thrice over"?

I am NOT going to let you kindle another flame-war with me, try as you might in vain. You can stay in that racist bubble you call Home for all I care. /ignore Sebastian