Re: virus: Genocidal?.....Moi?

Zloduska (
Tue, 30 Mar 1999 10:53:13 -0600

SK wrote:
> Zloduska...if you are opposed to Genocide and at the same time
>attempt to label me as some sort of Hitler chap while accusing me of
>ignorance regarding the home land of your love-interest; please look off
>to the left and right of India for a legacy of India's genocidal past -
>they are commonly known as Pakistan and Bangladesh... But of course you
>must already know everything about that...considering how wonderfully
>educated you are becoming up there in Wisconsin.

Why are you *trying* to make my blood boil? Don't you satisfy your hungry ego enough IRL? And most importantly, is there any POINT to this post, other than to spill personal info into the list, spew irrelevant nonsense about "India's genocidal past", which has NOTHING to do with what I was talking about at ALL, and then to insult my intelligence, implying with sarcasm that I'm some redneck attending classes in a rural shack because I come from Wisconsin. (Nevermind that you don't know the first thing about the state of WI, being in Europe, and that I attend an excellent university of 40,0000 students in the capital city.) I obviously struck a chord with the word "ignorant"; you had no real reason for this post, except to demonstrate your tantrum over being told the truth. And furthermore, did I mention that you really are an asshole after all?

I wash my hands of you.