Re: virus: Personally?

the great tinkerer (
Mon, 29 Mar 1999 21:54:20 -0500

>>self restraint in religions is mostly what I disagree with
>Self restraint is the basis for society. Do you not think so?

the basis for society is order. of course part of maintaining order is restraining one's self.

self restraint in religions, differs from self restraint in the context of social order; even though part of the foundation of religion is to maintain social order: which is why self restraint is practiced so many in religions.

i choose to judge my actions to myself as only that: actions to myself. the only "sin" against the self is the wronging of another: which is a testament to one's self restraint... (press 1 if you follow) and of course, you "only and always" wrong someone who feels as though they have been mistreated by you. (you have to admit if youve followed the many times ive brought this up that i am rather consistent ;-) i could go on for hours about wronging and self restraint but id end up at this:
i disagree with a religion ruling how i (and others) wish to be treated.

~the great tinkerer