Re: virus: ((God Pi + Bad dogma) - Any pretense of reason) = Silly Graf

Mon, 29 Mar 1999 13:06:34 -0800

Prof. Tim wrote:

> While I have no beef with Reason, I do, however, have an innate distaste for
> self-righteousness that, I admit flares up all too easily. You are right,
> TheHermit, about reason. We are in agreement here. You are even right
> about the biblical points you list, and in that too we can be in agreement.
> But you also clearly insist on being an un-listening, unhearing
> self-righteous, dogmatic ass about it.

Tim, if you read the "What are your goals and is (x) likely to bring them about?" sermon that I preached at TheHermit, I would invite you to revisit it with (x) standing for "calling TheHermit an ass in a public forum."

> Just as belief can have more than one dimension to it, the same is true with
> communication. And you seem to think it's advantageous to ignore all but
> one of those dimensions here. And while, admittedly the "truth" end of the
> true/false spectrum is a great place to argue from, even you must recognize
> that the "caring" end of the caring/asshole spectrum is a much better place
> from which to persuade another.

THAT'S the stuff!