Re: virus: Faith vs Relig

Snow Leopard (
Mon, 29 Mar 1999 06:04:40 PST

>if you can't force yourself to believe in anything you so decide upon,
>then it stands to reason that you can't 'choose' to disbelieve.
> If that is the must consider that one of the following
>MUST be true...either God itself or the representative force(hail yoda)
>is directly responsible for someones status as disbeliever or believer
>-- thereby alleviating all guilt and subsequent punishment of the
>disbeliever...........or..........Just going through the 'religious
>motions' is enough to catch that last bus to heaven, regardless of how
>insincere your mind may be(the same mind which made the rational
>decision to 'believe' in something quite irrational)-- so long as this
>new believer goes through all the necessary rituals in order to obtain
>the 'forgiveness' which is apparently owed one can really say
>anything - i.e. stating"ya know, i dont really believe any of this
>just doin' it ta save my ass!" then later confession,"forgive
>me lord for i was a blasphemer earlier today...but now i'm all
>better..sorry - amen".....

You've just stated to religious viewpoints, which one do you feel like claiming is faith?

> the choice between these two inevitable options seems to illustrate
>how human - not devine, our petty terms of faith and belief really are.
>I would wager that if people were finally introduced to this GOD
>thing...they'd start asserting that he too must believe in an even
>HIGHER force...quite possibly a squid of magenta hue.

Ha, ha, ha. What does the squid believe in? What does that force believe in? Where did the big bang come from, what happened before that? And a moment before? There's no answers.

God believe in us, not as a higher force but as a rational force. Let's keep it that way.
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