Re: virus: Faith vs Relig

Eduardo da Silva Ramos Mauro (
Mon, 29 Mar 1999 07:25:56 -0300

>The right god? Pardon me, Eric, but it occurs to me that I may have the
>bases covered. I have a working set of beliefs, and in charity to
>whatever may be out there, I check out everything else.
The funny thing
>is, every Biblical *discrepancy* I've heard of so far can be explained,
>if one looks though the Biblical world view.

This is the most stupid affirmation I've heard. That's it: let`s build a system, put whatever we want there (true or not), and then, if anyone question us, let's answer: you must see through our view. We don't need to prove our claims. They are true because they are based in our world view. This can explain the number of churches nowadays, each one interpreting the Bible to their own benefits. I have an example: one church, created here in Brazil, and spread all over the world now, states that money and wealth is good. Reason: Jesus was a prince, and every prince is rich, so they conclude that Jesus was rich, and then be rich is not a sin (please give me 10% percent of your money, thank you). This is not a joke but a sad fact.

Eduardo Mauro

I challenge anyone reading
>this to point out a few, I'll show you what I mean. On the other hand,
>I have invested an incredible amount of time trying to understand the
>viewpoints of otherr religions. I see the discrepancies, ask around,
>and then the members of *whatever* think that I'm being spiteful. So,
>it looks like they're being sore losers. I keep checking. If God is
>not what I think he is, and he is powerful enoughto do anything, and
>caring enough to think of humans as more than giga-pets, then
He'll make
>the truth known to me. He knows I'm listening.
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