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Tim Rhodes (
Sun, 28 Mar 1999 19:11:52 -0800

Well, it doesn't seem like the faith/phaith distinction struck home like one would have hoped. Let's see what happens if I put it this way:

On the x-axis is true/false.
On the y-axis is believe/don't believe.

You're tracing your little pointer all up and down the x-axis shouting "See! Look at that, shouldn't you change your position!" Meanwhile SnowLeopard sits on the y-axis where, from that point of view, all you're doing is wiggling nerviously, and proclaims, "Why should I be moved? You haven't gone anywhere at all?"

And still, neither one of you has a clue what the other is talking about.

-Prof. Tim

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Subject: 2nd Try under a new identity - please ignore if you have received it already - virus: Faith vs Religion

>I have stayed relatively quiet while you preached, due to lack of time and
>inclination, together with a firm belief that we should all be free to
>choose our own vices. That your vice happenes to be a blind devotion to a
>particularly nasty god did not really offend me until you began attempting
>to propagate your favorite lies about it on this list. Before you
>doing so, please consider a few minor points.
>In the following I have tried not to quote versus from the bible, only
>references, that way you can look them up for yourself (in context and your
>favorite translation) and hopefully nobody will become unhappy and
>they (who know who they are) will have no grounds to accuse me of quoting
>out of context.
>Most available evidence indicates that "Jesus Christ" did not exist. There
>is no believable contemporary support for the idea of this mythical
>creature. He seems to be a composite of a number of earlier
>resurrection/redeemer gods smeared over the persona of a rabid
>fundamentalist zealot sometime during the mid first century. The New
>Testament was only glued together out of documents dated after 60 CE (After
>73CE for the Gospels) and arbitrary decisions were made as to what should
>included and what should be edited out between 325CE and, some would argue,
>till as late as 550 C.E. For a reasonably competent view of this, I
>recommend that you read "James The Brother of Jesus" by Robert Eisenman.
>me quote from a review of this book from