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the great tinkerer (
Sun, 28 Mar 1999 13:04:31 -0500

> I wonder what percentage of 13th century christians believed that the
>sun revolved around the earth?...let's say 99% with an error margin of
>+/-1%? Funny thing how people aren't neccesarily correct...
>...even when all of them agree.....even when they allll agree...for a
>loooooong....looooong time......they're still wrong!
>funny how that works.

but there is a right or a wrong answer to "does the earth revolve around the sun?" it is only hypothetical to say there would be MORE war if jesus had never existed... and it troubles me that they can turn their necks on their 2000 year history of violence: crusades, inquisition, hell even many terrorist groups and pass it up by saying there would be more war...

i think its a "miracle" that they even figured out the revolving part... i dont think anyone could be 100% sure the world was round before we got pictures of it from space... (of course they could be over 99% sure...) peace
~the great tinkerer