virus: CoV's Greatest Hits

Fri, 26 Mar 1999 21:11:59 -0800

Has everyone taken a look at Eric's best of the CoV archive? He's read through every Virus post from the list's inception through the end of 1996. WOW! Not only has he read them all, but he's picked out what he has taken what he has judged to be the best material from that period, summarized it, and assigned a letter grade.

Eric, I'm amazed at the level of dedication and interest you have demonstrated. When I'm away from my computer for a few days, I tend to dump all the accumulated Virus posts and just pick up the threads in their evolved states.

I must say that I was just a bit bummed to find that the two contributions of mine to which you awarded A+ s were things that I had forwarded to the list or transcribed from National Geographic. Oh well. I'm not faulting your grading criteria.

You can find Eric's Virian retrospective at:

Old timers will be amused at by reminders of names we no longer see on the list. Everyone who goes back and reads some of Reed's posts from '96 will be stunned by his transformation.

Take care.