virus: UTism (INFJ vs INTJ)

Fri, 26 Mar 1999 15:18:44 -0800

I've recently joined an INFJ list. It's HIGH traffic, and I doubt I'll be able to stay on it long, but it does provide a very interesting set of subjects for observation as the post below illustrates.


Subject: Behavior on the list (was Re: Gender mixups) Date: Fri, 26 Mar 1999 09:49:31 -0500
From: Chris Petit <>
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Really from: Chris Petit <> At 01:30 AM 3/27/99 +1100, Jen wrote:
>Really from: Jen <>
>chase wrote:
>> This is our list - if we all leave because of a few infiltrators, then
>what? Bill
>> could easily get rid of them...
>You are kidding, right?

Disclaimer: All of this is MY opinion. I speak only for me and what I feel.

This IS a list for INFJ's. If some INTJ's want to LISTEN and not attack/nitpick/insult the other posters, that's fine. But that is not what
is going on.

For the past few months, the list has become MUCH more esoteric, nitpicky
and combative than it EVER was in the past. This is NOT what the list is
about--it is primarily for INFJ's to find a haven of mutual understanding
and respect which is SO difficult to find in the real world.

If it serves other purposes, that's great. But if implementing the other
purposes overrides the primary purpose of this list, they MUST be put aside, so the list can serve INFJ's.

To put it bluntly: If someone cannot treat other members of the list in a
cooperative, respectful, understanding manner, even when disagreeing with
someone, that person does NOT BELONG ON THIS LIST.

INTJ's have their own lists and I'm SURE they would resent if a horde of
NF's joined their list and insisted they "be more compassionate, less brutal." or otherwise interjected unwanted emotions, attempts at "conciliation", hyperbole and such into their discussions. It would be like throwing a wrench into their group and they would have a RIGHT to eject the NF's to maintain the group's flavor.

If someone can understand and honor the mode of conduct on the list, that's fine and I support their attempts at understanding us. However, if
they can't understand or won't honor that mode, they should NOT be here.

Sort of like how being invited as a guest to someone's house means YOU ABIDE BY THEIR RULES. If they invite you in to have tea, you can have tea,
but you CANNOT repaint the house, move the furniture and harass the other
guests. If you did, you WOULD be ejected and you would deserve it.

And, frankly Jen, if living by an emotional code of ethics upsets you, go
to the INTJ lists and do NOT come back.