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Fri, 26 Mar 1999 13:11:41 -0600

The violence that the animal man displays is in most cases no different than that shown by other species. It is not a learned behavior. It instead is hard wired. what is learned is the control of these behaviors that are at odds with our psychological evolution. You will often find cases of animals eating their young but this is a relatively rare occurrence with humans. And would be considered the paragon of violence. Most of what people do can be found duplicated in other species. Its just that societal pressures keep us from doing it as quickly as our animal brothers. Jim

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>Richard Brodie <> writes:
>Do you mean step-children? Otherwise why isn't this evidence of the
>GENETIC nature of violent tendencies?
>I think it's true of all children of violent parents -- adopted,
>grand, etc. They vomit out violence, and those who they influence in
>turn vomit...